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Get more out of your investment. Spend less time building and get your website to work for you!

Your website should promote you and your organization to the rest of the world. Whether you are a SME or enterprise, your website should work for you. It should attract attention and web traffic and with it the vital information about the visitors to your site. Most importantly, it should offer various, well thought of means of interactions with your services; leading to maximise the returns on investment.

At icoms we understand how the web works for business and communities. We listen to the problem and identify the real needs. In order to help solve your task we have undertaken measures to analyze the system requirements and to propose a world-class online solutions. 

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Team Collaboration

Create a collaborative work environment for your team. Boost team morale by empowering the marketing and design teams. 

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Advanced Features & Services

Custom Solutions

Supporting your company growth by integrating solutions that meet your team's specific needs.

Enterprise traffic scaling

Keep track of your website performance and prevent unnecessary downtime. 


One on one sessions with our team of experts to discuss the best way forward. 

Scalable hosting

Our global hosting infrastructure is ready to serve use cases of any size.  

Security audit compliance

Ensuring your internal data and access thereof meets regulatory standards. 

Reliable Security certifications

Enterprise grade encryptions guaranteed to help secure sensitive data & information from malicious hackers.

World wide servers for 
super fast websites.

Our powerful hosting server helps your website
 to boost the page speed on max level.

World wide servers

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